Transforming Insight podcast

Now available... James is back with Season 5 of the Transforming Insight podcast! Episode 36 is about Insight leaders: Working on our teams (not in them)

All 34 episodes from Seasons 1-4 are available here and on all leading podcast platforms.

If you have the ambition to transform your Insight team and the role it plays in your organisation, please tune in. Not only will we explore all 42 secrets outlined in the Transforming Insight book, we will also talk to senior corporate Insight leaders, delve into books that have inspired us, and discuss new best practice research carried out with the IMA’s corporate members.

Season 1 focused on Insight generation and knowledge development, and also included interviews with Sandra Kampmann (Episode 4: Transforming Insight at ASOS) and Debra Walmsley (Episode 8: Transforming Insight at Halfords).

Season 2 continued the theme of knowledge development and then explored ways of driving change through inlfuence. It also included interviews with Jan Worsley at Carnival and Liz Lamb at Card Factory

Season 3 started in January 2023 with a focus on driving change through communication, plus an interview with Liz Boffey from Sainsbury's

Season 4 focused on the strategic decisions we make about Insight in our organisations, plus an extended interview with Nick Rich from Carlsberg

Season 5: is all about leading Insight people