Insight strategy

Fewer than 1 in 6 major organisations have a properly structured plan for how Insight can transform company performance.

However, if you want Insight to transform your organisation's performance, you first have to transform your Insight team.

Based on conversations with over 200 major organisations since the IMA's Insight Forum was launched in 2005, this set of Insight Strategy guides will take you through the rationale for having an Insight strategy and the key steps involved in creating one.

These guides are recommended reading for anyone who works in a corporate Insight, Research or Analysis team and who wants to see Insight make a bigger difference in their organisation.

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Insight strategy guides and videos

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IMP501: If we want Insight to transform our organisations' performance, we first have to transform our Insight teams. But very few companies have a comprehensive plan for making this happen. This 12-page guide sets out the reasons for having an Insight strategy and the key steps involved
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IMP502: A key part of having a successful Insight strategy is having a well-articulated vision for how Insight will make a difference within your organisation. This guide outlines the 6 key steps that will help you to first understand the lie of the land.
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IMP503: To develop an Insight strategy you need to understand the lie of the land, but then it is time to reflect on your ambition for Insight to change your organisation. The IMA's Insight Participation Matrix will help frame your vision for the role you want Insight to play in your company
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IMP504: Like any other department, an Insight team will operate within certain parameters, for example carrying out work of a certain type, within a certain budget. This guide lays out the 7 key choices that effective Insight teams make explicitly to define those parameters.
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IMP505: This is where the rubber hits the road - you can formulate a brilliant strategy, but unless you can execute it, you might as well not have bothered. This guide shares best practice for what is essentially organisational change management.
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IMV502: How do you prioritise your Insight team's work and resources? This is really important as it reflects the type of team you are and helps determines the role you will play this year