Insight leader guidance

As well as providing workshops for individual Insight professionals and Insight teams, in 2023 the IMA will also provide a range of 2-hour online masterclasses covering important management topics such as Insight strategy, leadership and positioning.

These can be booked by one organsation at a time, either for the benefit of an individual Insight leader or an Insight leadership group within the organisation (max 6 participants).

Participants can subsequently book 1-hour online support sessions to provide more guidance as leaders seek to work on their Insight teams rather than in them.

We can also arrange Advanced Insight Benchmarking and mentoring on request.


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Guidance for Insight leaders

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TIP802 A 2-hour masterclass designed for an individual Insight leader or leadership group (max 6) in the same organisation who want to estimate the value of their team's work and make the case for more resources
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TIP602 A 2-hour session designed to help individual Insight leaders or a small leadership group to work on their Insight team rather than in it. It draws on the the IMA's new Insight playbook concept
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TIP502 A 2-hour session designed to equip Insight leaders or leadership groups to develop an effective Insight strategy for their organisation. Available on request, subject to availability
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TIP601 Thurs 30th Nov: a 4-hour workshop for those who are relatively new to Insight leadership roles or aspire to be leaders one day. What are the main responsibilities of an Insight leader? How do you approach Insight strategy, positioning and transformation?
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TIP702 A 2-hour masterclass, available on request. Many Insight leaders think that their team does great research and analysis but they still find it a struggle to be heard. Successful Insight teams optimise their impact by improving the position of Insight in hearts, minds and processes