Insight Training

We run in-house training workshops for Insight teams, based on our best practice work with over 50 Insight teams across a wide range of blue chip companies. We can help you transform your Insight team into a more proactive and productive team, prioritising and focusing on more strategic work.

  • Our foundation course is an Insight Transformation workshop:
    • Inspire and enable your team to move from service provider to business partner
    • Define your mission and mandate, and review ways of prioritising your agenda, to focus on the more valuable areas
    • Consultancy models and approaches to help individuals, and the team as a whole, to be more effective and have more impact.

We then have 3 further core workshops to up-skill your Insight team:

  • Insight Generation:
    • Consultancy ways of working to identify the key businessissues behind the requests
    • How to work smarter not harder, and to come up with clear business options and recommendations
    • Tools, checklists and approaches to help you unearth insights that will really make a difference to your organisation.
  • Insight Communication:
    • The importance of strong communication to ensure your insight makes a difference
    • Approaches to help you gain traction with key stakeholders in advance, to make them receptive to your insights and recommendations
    • Tools and techniques to structure and deliver more influential outputs.
  • Insight Commercialisation:
    • Proving the value of insight and making the business case for the resources you need
    • Hands on practice in using core statistics and estimates to produce valuations
    • How to speak the same language as the business and be more commercial, to add more clout to everything you do.

We recommend all these workshops for in-house teams in groups of 5 to 15 delegates.

Once you have the essentials in place, we have a further menu of 8 advanced courses, which focus on specific aspects of the insight role.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you inspire and up-skill your team to greater success.