Insight Knowledge Report

Insight Knowledge is the label which the IMA gives to the accumulated understanding created by joining the dots across lots of individual Insight projects.

It’s the activity which paints a consolidated picture of customers and the market, and the implications for the organisation.

No Insight team can be effective without the ability to generate new insights.

But there is usually more value in the accumulated knowledge than there is in a single new analysis or research project.

If generating new insights is rather like hunting, creating Insight Knowledge is more akin to farming.

Hunting satisfies an immediate hunger, but only for a short time.

Farming, on the other hand, requires time and effort upfront, tilling the soil and sewing the seed to produce a sustainable crop. But this crop can be gathered in, stored and continue to provide sustenance over a long period. So too the value from key pieces of big picture, accumulated insight can be harvested year after year.

Insight knowledge underpins the success of many other aspects of an Insight team’s activity. For example, the team is much more likely to be able to influence important decisions if it has already consolidated existing understanding about customers and the market, and if it can draw on this knowledge quickly and confidently.

This report is for management teams and Insight leaders who recognise that their Insight teams are currently stuck on a hamster wheel, running faster and faster to produce research and analysis but making little progress in driving corporate decisions.

This report seeks to focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is Insight knowledge and why is it important?
  • Why is Insight knowledge activity a challenge?
  • What do Insight teams need to do to create Insight knowledge?
  • How can Insight teams overcome the challenges and make the development of Insight knowledge a priority?

Access to the report

If your organisation was a member of the Insight Forum or Insight Network when this report was published then your Insight leader will have received a bound copy. Insight Forum members who are signed in can also download the report from the link displayed below.

If your employer is not yet a member, the IMA is currently offering free corporate trials. Please contact us if you are interested.