Commercial thinking for Insight teams

Aligning Insight to commercial reality is the number 1 driver of making Insight teams effective. But it is usually the lowest scoring aspect of Insight management when we benchmark an organisation's current Insight capability.

So how can we help our Insight teams to play a more proactive role in commercial decisions, starting with the ability to communicate using language the rest of the company understands by becoming fluent in finance?

The IMA's 1 day Commercial thinking for Insight teams workshop is a hands-on experience focussed on putting commercial thinking into practice. The biggest focus will be the valuation mindset and will involve attendees taking a variety of types of projects and working out how to put values to the business initiative they address, and to the value that Insight contributes. 

Specifically, the workshop will cover:

  • What commerciality really means, and what behaviours it translates into in practice
  • How to understand the commercial context in which your organisation operates
  • The core statistics about the business that need to be mastered
  • The project and activity valuation process and how to apply it to different situations – from specific ad hoc projects through to working out the value of continuous tracking studies and strategic projects

If you or your colleagues could benefit, please contact us for further details.

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