Insight generation, part 2: the Insight detective

Next dates: Thursday 11th February (US version) & Wednesday 3rd March, with Julia Joskey

Many Insight specialists think of themselves first and foremost as market researchers or customer analysts. But to produce genuine insights about consumers and how they can interact with our business to generate value, we need to put these source-specific labels to one side and act as Insight detectives.

This 1-day workshop:

  • examines the role of context and hypotheses in generating new insights
  • looks at the importance of exploring diverse data sources
  • focuses on interpretation, forming opinions and making recommendations


The IMA recommends completing our "Insight generation: part 1 (the consultant)" workshop before moving onto "Insight generation: part 2 (the detective)", as this workshop will build on the learnings from part 1.

Like all the IMA's workshops, this interactive session will be led by a consultant with over with over 15 years' experience working in senior roles in corporate Insight teams.

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