Finding stories in data

TIP105 Finding stories in data coaching

4x 1.5 hours of online coaching for a maximum of 3 Insight professionals


Available on request, subject to availability


Many analysts and researchers still focus on reporting facts and figures, however really successful Insight teams identify value for their organisations and then drive change within them. Whether the output is a dashboard, a report, a presentation or a workshop, we need to re-orientate our Insight teams to focus on the underlying business decision, the customer and market evidence that could inform it, and a commercially-focused set of options or recommendations.


The IMA has designed a set of four 90 minute coaching sessions for any analysts or researchers in your Insight team who would benefit from hands-on support. The focus will be on specific real-world deliverables, and we will include up to four additional hours of our time to enable us to examine the existing reports being produced and consider the changes we would make to them.

Please note that this coaching is not a substitute for commercial thinking, consultancy skills or communication training. It provides an opportunity to apply best practice principles to your own projects with expert support.


  • This coaching will be led by Lisa Dutton
  • Recent participants have included the News UK Insight team

How much?

  • IMA members can book this set of four 1.5 hour coaching sessions for 1-3 team members for 300 TIP credits (or £2,999 +VAT)
  • Non-members can book for £4,499 +VAT

Please contact us if your organisation is not yet a member but you’d like to take advantage of the 33% member discount.

Also available

This workshop explores some of the principles written about in

Transforming Insight: the 42 secrets of successful Insight teams, chapters 1,2,3,4,6

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