Insight positioning masterclass

TIP702 Insight positioning workshop

2-hour online masterclass


On request, subject to availability


Many Insight leaders think that their team does great research and analysis, but they still find it a struggle to be heard. Successful Insight teams optimise their impact by improving the position of Insight, as a concept and as a department, in the hearts, minds and decision-making processes of their organisations.


In this online masterclass:

  • we look at the critical role of Insight positioning
  • we explore the 4 pathways adopted by many successful Insight leaders
  • we assess the options for your Insight team 
  • we consider how we can use our foresight skills to position Insight for success in the future

The masterclass will equip you to develop an effective Insight strategy more quickly, easily and effectively than you otherwise might.

After the masterclass we will provide you with reference material to aid you when writing your strategy:

  • A summary of the 4 pathways used by successful Insight teams to improve the position of their Insight team
  • A list of recommended reading

Follow-up sessions

The IMA can provide further 1-hour support sessions as your Insight team works on its positioning. We can provide constructive feedback and challenge based on our experience with other organisations.


  • This masterclass is led by Roy Hammond
  • Recent participants include eBay and Sony Pictures Television

How much?


IMA members can book for 100 TIP credits (or £1,249 +VAT)

Non-members can book for £1,879 +VAT

Follow up sessions

IMA members can book for 30 credits per hour (or £379 +VAT)

Non-members can book for £569 +VAT per hour


Any preparation required would also be charged by the hour.

Please contact us if your organisation is not yet a member but you’d like to take advantage of the 33% member discount.

Also available

This workshop explores some of the principles written about in

Transforming Insight: the 42 secrets of successful Insight teams, chapters 31-35

Insight leader guides: IMP701, IMP702, IMP703, IMP704 and IMP705

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