Insight strategy consultancy

TIP501 Insight strategy consultancy

A set of 10x 60 minute support sessions


Available on request


Fewer than 1 in 6 large organisations has a formal Insight strategy, but if Insight is to be developed as a strategic asset in our organisations, we need to develop a top down plan outlining a vision for the role it will play, the strategic options available to us, and a practical roadmap of how we will execute our strategy over the next 1-3 years.


We will agree the pace and length of the discussions with you, but key components will be:

  • Analyse your organisation's situation and the environment in which your Insight team operates
  • Reflect on your ambition for Insight and define an appropriate vision for the role Insight could play
  • Develop and adopt a new Insight team mission statement
  • Consider the options for the Insight team's scope, scale, activity, resources, outputs and engagement with other departments
  • Decide what your team is not going to do as well as what it will
  • Execute and embed a successful Insight strategy within your organisation over a period of time


  • The IMA's Insight strategy consultancy is led by Tim Downing and other former Insight directors
  • Amongst others to have worked with us are Boehringer Ingelheim Canada, Highways England, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, National Public Radio of America, Novozymes, Primark and Tesco

How much?

  • IMA members can book a set of ten 60 minute support sessions for 300 TIP credits (or £2,999 +VAT)
  • Non-members can book for £4,499 +VAT

Please contact us if your organisation is not yet a member but you’d like to take advantage of the 33% member discount.

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The IMA's Insight strategy work draws on the principles in:

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