Knowledge farming for Insight teams

Are your researchers and analysts data hunters or Insight farmers? Insight teams tend to focus solely on generating new insights, but there is always more potential value for our organisations if we can cultivate and harvest a rich crop of accumulated understanding.

This 1-day workshop:

  • examines the difference between insights and insight, and the true purpose of our teams
  • introduces the IMA's MADE model to structure our understanding and spot gaps
  • develop new joined up insights by exploring the causality behind our observations


This workshop is delivered by consultants with hands-on experience of working in senior roles in corporate Insight teams. It can be taken as either:

  • part of a corporate membership
  • an additional service if your corporate membership does not include training
  • stand-alone training if your organisation is not yet a member


Please note that this workshop is not available as an open course because it involves discussions about what specific Insight teams know about their customers and how they can create value for your company.

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