Mentoring for Insight professionals

TIP603 Mentoring for Insight professionals

Mentoring sessions, paid for by the hour. We would recommend an initial 90-minute discussion followed by a series of 60-minute conversations.


On request, subject to availability.


Maybe you are wondering how you can be more effective or fulfilled in your current role, or what your next step on the career ladder might look like? Such topics can be easier to discuss with someone outside your immediate team who has the perspective of a long career in the world of Insight.


The IMA can provide mentoring and support to any Insight professional who would like to talk to us. We recommend booking an initial 90-minute discussion followed by a series of 60-minute conversations that you can schedule in your calendar. This also enables us to learn about you and your situation and then provide you with an effective sounding board.

All conversations are treated as completely confidential; your organisation will pay for them, but we will not disclose what you say to us in confidence.


  • The IMA's mentoring is provided by Tim Downing, Jane Woolley and Lisa Dutton
  • We do not publish a list of organisations that have asked for mentoring, but if we did it would include global FMCG companies, retailers, public sector bodies and financial services organisations

How much?

  • Members can book an initial 90-minute discussion for 60 credits (or £759 +VAT) and subsequent 60-minute conversations for 30 credits each (or £379 +VAT)
  • Non-members can book for £1,139 +VAT and £569 +VAT respectively
  • An initial 90-minute discussion followed by 4 further 60-minute sessions would therefore cost 180 credits (or £2,249 + VAT) for members and £3,375 + VAT for non-members

Please contact us if your organisation is not yet a member but you’d like to take advantage of the 33% member discount.

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