The value of Insight project

TIP 802 Value of Insight project

Project in progress, will report in November 2021 at the Insight forums

Next cohort will begin in early 2022

Every Insight professional believes that there is enormous value in Insight, but few calculate that value on a regular basis. This detracts from our ability to get more headcount for our teams, more funding for our projects, and more investment in tools, learning and development.

But is it really possible to calculate a Return on Investment for Insight?

The IMA believes that it is, and it's not necessarily that difficult to do. But we need to know how to develop a commercial foundation for our work, then use core stats, engagement with others in our business, logic and estimation skills to produce ROI figures for our most important projects.

This year we have launched a new challenge called the Value of Insight and have invited our members to select an Insight manager to represent their organisation. The representatives will form a cross-sector group and work together as a project team to caculate an Insight ROI

The project was launched in February 2021, and to date there have been two kick off meetings and the first monthly tutorial. The tutorials will run until November when the project will report on its progress and output at the Insight forums in London and Manchester

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