June 2018 - effective ways to generate insights

What are the most effective ways to generate new insights?

The latest Insight Forum event in June has to be hands-down the most well attended and most member-led event yet, with over 40 organisations represented.

No surprise given the topic - successful approaches to Insight generation. After all, Insight generation is often seen as an Insight team's raison d'être, and what better way to find out what everyone else is finding effective.

Attendees were engaged through the day reviewing key aspects of the process: from recognising the main organisational forces driving their choice of approach, to the ever increasing array of tools available. Contributions from members and guests alike on what works well were rich in detail. Particular thanks to eBay, Waitrose, L&G, Yodel, Time, HSBC, SSE, Suntory, Highways England, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Abcam, MBNA and Prudential for sharing ideas.

From a best practice perspective, it was very clear that one size does not fit all. Best practice in this area is in fact to understand the peculiarities of your own organisation and select the right tools accordingly.

In addition, the way in which Insight teams work together also has a significant impact on the success of an approach. Again, some excellent examples were shared on how Insight generation was enhanced as a direct result of improving ways of working. These examples have been captured for inclusion in our next best practice report - Insight Generation, which is coming out in July.

Last but not least, creativity was unleashed in the afternoon with an interactive Design Thinking session. With great amusement, attendees were tasked with spending about 3 minutes in silence, all using a felt tip pen to draw out a very simple task - one that the majority of us does on a daily basis without thinking about it. If you weren't at the event, you might wonder why this is relevant! Design Thinking is about taking elements of the design process, borrowing from the designers toolkit, and applying this to our own challenges. The drawing exercise initiates the process and is very instructive in its own right.

The slides and handouts linked below for members outline the elements of Design Thinking that anyone can start doing straight away. The report will expand on the implications of using this approach for Insight teams in more detail. If you'd like to run a Design Thinking exercise with your own team, we would be very happy to facilitate.

Access to the event slides

If your organisation is a member of the Insight Forum and you are signed in, you will be able to download the event slides from the link displayed below.

If your organisation is not yet a member but is interested in attending Insight Forum events, please contact us for more information