March 2018 - how to nail the business issue

How does your Insight team nail the real business issue?

That was the main focus at our first networking event in March this year.

Insight generation is the bread and butter work of Insight teams and yet the fact is that relatively few are consistently nailing the underlying business issue before begining new pieces of research or analysis.

Let's generate some insight... yes, great... not sure how that fits with other work already done... but at least we've answered their question... next

When talking to members via our programme of best practice research, it is apparent that having a framework or series of mental constructs within which to organise existing knowledge, both commercially but also from a broader marketing perspective is few and far between. The reality is that Insight teams are working much more within political constraints, trying to understand where the request has originated from and how best to prioritise workloads.

Consequently, the majority of Insight teams are often still in the position of being more like reactive service providers than proactive business partners.

That said, one in five Insight leaders are taking up the challenge of familiarising themselves with broader and more evidence-based marketing strategy, in particluar the work popularised by Byron Sharp with his book How Brands Grow, and How Brands grow part two - click the link to see our book review or view the video clips below.

Byron Sharp's TED talk

Professor Jenni Romaniuk on How Brands Grow

In particular, Sharp highlights how too much research focuses on finding ways to drive loyalty and finding ways to enable organisations to target their marketing ever tighter and tighter.

Understanding Sharp's marketing laws and how they might apply will undoubtedly shine a spotlight on which types of insight generation work have higher potential to drive growth. Members debated the principles held up by Sharp with enthusiasm, keen to get back to their own organisations to see if the figures stack up, and if so, to start working on the implications.

Key behaviours to make 'nailing the business issue' more likely

It is all well and good to develop latest thinking, to create clarity with more holistic frameworks and to strive to be more proactive.

However, in addition to that, team behaviours are critical. Insight teams are only as strong as their weakest member when it comes to their ability to nail the business issue.

During the practical sessions of the afternoon, members explored some tried and tested tools and techniques for identifying the underlying business issues, including a quiz to come up with the top 10 killer questions to be prepared with when discussing insight requests.

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