March 2019 - Insight perspective, skills and recruitment

Insight teams are highly dependent on their people, and no amount of department processes, team branding and investment in knowledge systems can compensate for a failure to recruit and nurture the right colleagues.

There are many facets to this topic, and previous Forum events have looked in some detail at Insight leadership, teamwork and structures. This event began with a look at the importance of developing an Insight perspective, taking inspiration from Hans Rosling's book, Factfulness. Rosling's Gapminder Foundation was created with a mission to "fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview" - a mission which could apply equally well to corporate Insight teams.

The Forum meeting then looked at the key skills and attributes which Insight leaders' value, both those which are specific to market research, those relevant to all Insight people, and those which are prized more widely in business. We also discussed recent developments in data analytics and the 'lost art of Insight analysis' - a simpler, hypothesis-driven approach to solving business issues which has more in common with detective skills than sophisticated data science.

The last session of the day focused on best practice in recruitment, on-boarding and developing individuals, with members such as Tesco, Premier Foods and Gymshark providing practical examples of how they approach these issues.

Over the course of the next few weeks the IMA will publish a series of Insight leader guides capturing key ideas on all these topics. These will also be amalgamated in a new best practice report, How to develop people in a successful Insight team, which we intend to publish in late May.

Access to the event slides

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