Join the IMA's Insight Forum in London

Join the IMA's Insight Forum on Wednesday 13th June

Are you an Insight leader who:

  • wants to ensure your organisation drives more value from Insight?
  • wishes you had more time to reflect on your organisation’s Insight capability?
  • wants to network with your peers to exchange ideas, and be instrumental in the development of best practice?

As a member of the IMA’s Insight Forum, you and your organisation directly benefit from:

  • A wealth of best practice inspiration
    • 4 full day events a year in London giving you the time out to work on your Insight function rather than in it
    • Access to all best practice developed to date and the support of fellow member organisations
  • Advanced Insight Benchmarking to understand your organisation’s current Insight capability
    • A detailed review of your organisation’s Insight capability and direction of travel using the IMA's unique Insight Roadmap
  • A sounding board to facilitate the evolution or revolution of your Insight function
    • Free advice, bespoke support and tailored team workshops

If you think your organisation would benefit but you are not sure if the Insight Forum makes sense, please contact us to discuss a free trial.