Insight Network

Would you like to make Insight make a difference in your organisation?

If so, why not join progressive Insight leaders from the UK, Europe and North America who represent their companies in the IMA's Insight Network?

As a member of the Insight Network you can:

  • contribute to the IMA's new best practice research
  • receive a copy of each new detailed report (available separately from Amazon for £595 each)
  • benchmark your organisation's Insight capability

We will also offer free advice if you have any questions about how to make Insight make a difference in your organisation.

The best practice report you could download today is Insight Positioning. This latest report looks at what Insight teams need to do to occupy an optimal position in the minds and processes of their wider organisation.

We do offer a limited number of free trial memberships of the Insight Network. Please click here to contact us if you would like to know more.

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