Corporate membership options

The IMA offers 3 corporate membership options

  • Why not register your company for the free Insight Community so that you can benefit from our regular 5 Minute Insight emails with articles, book reviews, tips & tricks?
  • Your organisation could also join the Insight Network so that your Insight colleagues can contribute to our research, receive our new, detailed best practice reports, and get free advice;
  • Or your company could apply for membership of the Insight Forum, and join Nestle, eBay, Tesco, Sky and 30 other leading companies for quarterly events in London. Advanced Insight Benchmarking, team workshops and unlimited access to the IMA's best practice are also included.

Free 100 day corporate membership trials

It is free to register your organisation for the Insight Community, but if you think that it might benefit from being a member of the Insight Forum or Insight Network, we offer a limited number of free corporate membership trials.

  • Complimentary copy of the Successful Insight Management report, the IMA's best practice guidebook
  • Complete the Insight Leader Survey and receive a report benchmarking your organisation's Insight capability versus other companies on 32 issues
  • Conversation with the IMA to discuss current Insight management challenges, and the chance to contribute your ideas to our latest research project
  • Copy of the new best practice report published this quarter - Insight Knowledge
  • Come and join 40 other organisations at the next Insight Forum meeting in London if your organisation would like to consider Forum membership

For more details about the free 100 day corporate trials or any of our memberships, please contact us.