Insight Training

The IMA exists to inspire organisations to drive more value from Insight.

If you believe that your Insight function could be more effective, but you're not sure where to start, we offer Free Insight Benchmarking to any client-side organisation taking part in a free 100 day corporate membership trial. This is based on a quick 15 minute online survey, followed by a call to discuss your organisation's Insight capablity.

Please contact us if you would like to know how your Insight team compares to others.

If you believe that your team could improve the way that it tackles key Insight activities, we offer a range of 1 day training workshops. These are held at your company's offices, with between 5 and 15 participants in any one session.

Training can also be tailored to an organisation's specific needs, and flexible consultancy offered to any Insight leader seeking guidance.

Please have a scroll through the training options shown below and contact us if you would like to find out more.


Training Sessions

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If you work in a corporate Insight team you cannot generate new insights unless you act like a consultant and nail the underlying business issue. Too many analysts and researchers skip this step and...
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Relating Insight to commercial reality is far and away the best way to support stakeholders in their decision making process. This 1 day workshop will give your organisation's Insight team the valuation mindset it needs.
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Behavioural Economics provides Insight teams with a toolkit which can help them to better understand consumer choices and better influence their own stakeholders. This 1 day workshop gives teams the principles and practical tools to hit the ground running.
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Effective Insight Teams recognise that driving change in their organisations requires as much attention to how knowledge is communicated as to how it is generated. This one day workshop shows you how to give it its due.
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Whether an Insight team is effective in influencing decisions has as much to do with its ability to influence as its brilliance at producing insights. Explore the tools needed to influence successfully in this 1 day workshop.
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There is almost always more value to be harvested from accumulated knowledge than from hunting for new insights, but it requires time, skills and processes which your Insight team may not yet have developed. This 1 day workshop shows teams how to sow the seeds and reap the benefits for their...