Transforming Insight programme

The IMA's Transforming Insight programme can provide inspiration, support and guidance for all corporate Insight teams. It includes: 

Online open workshops

The IMA's most popular team development topics are provided as online open workshops on which you can book individual places. We will normally run these every term, but subject to availability we can also run them for individual Insight teams rather than as open sessions.

Guidance for Insight leaders

Designed to provide support to Insight leaders at every stage of their Insight transformation work, these options include expert guidance on Insight strategy, regular mentoring for leaders and aspiring leaders, and advanced Insight benchmarking.


Frequently asked questions

Q: Which topics should I choose first? 

A: If you're not sure which topics to choose first, you might want to complete our free 9-minute Transforming Insight leader survey to see how your Insight team compares to our benchmark. We encourage all our corporate members to complete this survey once a year, but if you run a corporate Insight team you are welcome to complete it now and we can send you a report.

Q: Do I have to sign up for a corporate membership before I can book training?

A: No, the Transforming Insight programme is available to members and non-members, but corporate members receive a 33% discount and Tier 1 members have 600 credits included in their annual membership.

Q: Can I book one of the open workshop topics for my whole team?

A: Subject to availability, we can arrange an online workshop covering one of our core topics just for your Insight team. But we recommend that you consider the open workshops first as they provide an opportunity for you to discuss mindsets, perspectives and behaviours with Insight professionals in other organisations. In a team online workshop we ask that attendees join individually using their own laptop, and not from a group setting using a shared device.  

Q: Are all modules run online?

A: Yes, all the Transforming Insight programme modules are delivered online using Zoom. We find this the most effective platform for delivering best practice content, two-way discussions, and virtual break out rooms, ensuring we can provide participants with the optimal learning experience. Please note that participants do not need their own Zoom account.

Q: Do participants receive video recordings of the workshops or copies of the slides used?

A: No, to respect GDPR regulations and protect our own intellectual property, we do not offer video recordings of our workshops. Nor do we share the slides, as the format we use in workshops is highly visual and designed to illustrate the points we’re discussing. Instead, we provide a wide range of Insight leader guides and videos covering all our main workshop topics, and you can access these whenever you like if your employer has an IMA membership and you have a licence to access our best practice content.

Q: Can the IMA present at an in person team meeting or facilitate a workshop I have organised in our office?

A: Subject to availability, there are occasions when we might be able to support you. But please note that any arrangements made for in person meetings will not form part of the Transforming Insight programme and would not normally be paid for using TIP credits. The standard menu of team development offered through the Transforming Insight programme is all delivered online.


Please contact us for bookings and more information