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The Insight Management Academy is the centre of excellence for insight generation, insight management and insight communication. We provide consultancy, training, benchmarking and best practice research to help Insight teams all over the world to work more effectively.

The IMA's flagship membership proposition is the UK-based Insight Management Forum, which provides the leaders of progressive Insight teams with inspiration, thought leadership, support and critical challenge as they seek to transform their teams into world class Insight functions. But you can also now access the IMA's best practice research and advice through an online membership.

If you would like some guidance on how we might help you to transform your Insight capability, please contact us.


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The IM Training programme enables Insight teams of all sizes to improve their performance.

It is based on the IMA's best practice principles and the practical experience of the IMA's directors.

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Purple Market Research founder Stephen Bairfelt talks through the main challenges and benefits of conducting desk research to inform decision making
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Do decision makers in your organisation involve you early on, reach for your advice, and act on your recommendations? Influencing decision makers is a challenging topic that will be examined in some detail at the next meeting of the IM Forum. Here we share some of the key highlights.
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This book unpicks the trust equation in a beautifully structured way and shows you can plan for trust to develop; it highlights the one thing that undermines trust faster than you can imagine; but conversely that you can rectify things if they go awry
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Creating a demand for your insights leads to more powerful connections with decision makers. In this article, Caroline Florence, The Insight Narrator, looks at how to frame content and suggests 3 key ways to help B2B content go viral within your organisation
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Applying the 'KonMari' method to your Insight communications will allow your message to take centre stage. Julia Joskey shows you how to declutter your data visualisations. Identify and discard the elements that are getting in the way and let your data stand out
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There is no point in generating insight unless your organisation takes note of it and uses it to make better decisions. But how much time does your Insight team spend doing research or analysis relative to the effort it puts into improving its insight communication?