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The Insight Management Academy is dedicated to making Insight make a difference.

For 15 years we have been developing and discussing best practice, helping organisations to assess their Insight capability, and providing inspiration and guidance to any Insight team which wants to create more value.

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What’s new from the IMA?

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In decision making processes, Insight has real impact when it provides valuable context to help shape discussions and engage decision makers in an evidence-based approach. But that can only happen when Insight teams are in the right place, at the right time.
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Effective Insight teams succeed in identifying and occupying the optimal position in the minds and processes of the wider organisation. This report takes a look at what that means, the key challenges and how teams can improve their own position to maximum effect.
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Join the most progressive Insight leaders in the UK at the IMA's Insight Forum in London. The second event of the year will be on Wednesday 13th June, when we will debate best practice in Insight generation, specifically, successful approaches to solving business issues
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Insight will not be in a position to drive action in your organisation if you do not work on your Insight team's reputation. Just as a consumer’s experience of your organisation will determine your company's reputation and the position it subsequently occupies in the market, so it is with your...
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How do you make Insight make a difference? Successful Insight Management, the guidebook, summarises 15 years of best practice in one special report. It is a must read for all client-side Insight leaders who have the ambition to see Insight recognised as a strategic asset.
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Does your organisation practice Sharp thinking or blunt marketing? This is a very important publication for anyone involved in marketing strategy, but also a lively and stimulating read for Insight managers, market researchers and customer analysts.
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Check your bearings before setting sail in 2018. The IMA will now provide Free Insight Benchmarking to any client-side Insight team leader who would like to know how their organisation's Insight capability compares with other companies' best practice.
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Whatever the environment in which Insight teams operate, Insight leadership is critical to the team's ability to make Insight make a difference. But what makes for effective Insight leadership? It's largely about balancing the technical. the managerial and the entrepreneurial aspects of leadership.
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We all know that insight only makes a difference when our decision makers take it on board and use it, but how much attention do we give to really understanding our stakeholders? As Insight professionals, we need to do all we can to help them make the right decisions.

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