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The IMA is the best practice membership organisation which coined the phrase Insight Management, and has helped organisations to drive value from it for 15 years.

We develop and discuss best practice, help organisations to assess their Insight capability, and provide inspiration and guidance to any Insight team which wants to create more value with our benchmarking, training, consultancy and publications.

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The IMA can also provide standalone benchmarking, training, consultancy and publications to help you make Insight make a difference in your organisation.

What’s new from the IMA?

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A good story sticks. We understand it, we remember it, and we can retell it later. If we believe it’s true, we might even change our behaviour. How can we use a storytelling approach to make our Insight communications stick in the minds of our decision makers?
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Would you like to contribute to, and benefit from, the Insight Management Academy's best practice - wherever you live and work? Members of the IMA's Insight Network can contribute ideas, benchmark their company's Insight capability, and access new reports and free advice.
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How often do we hear an Insight professional talk about how much revenue they generated this year? We firmly believe that with a pragmatic and intuitive approach to assessing the impact of Insight, it is possible to put a figure to how much value good Insight generates.
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A quick summary of the latest best practice research, published reports and Forum event. Please contact us if you would like more information about free corporate membership trials.
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Does the challenge of developing an effective strategy for Insight seem daunting? Might it be easier than we think? Developing a strategy can help us off the proverbial hamster wheel, and it can also be critical to motivating and inspiring our teams to deliver greater value.
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Customer Insight has the potential to transform any organisation's performance, but first our organisations need to transform their Customer Insight. Developing a strategy for how Insight can make a difference in your company may seem daunting, but members have shared some great tips.
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It is often said that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the same can be said for Insight teams. The latest IMA research reveals that larger Insight teams rank slightly higher for overall capability than smaller teams, but larger teams are not better at everything.
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Join the most progressive Insight leaders in the UK at the IMA's Insight Forum in London. The fourth event of the year will be on Wednesday 28th November, when we will debate the practicalities of Insight Commcerciality and how to go about realising the value identified by Insight.
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We are all operating in a rapidly changing environment and organisations need to stay ahead of the game to succeed.  In his book ‘The Network Always Wins’, Peter Hinssen asks how your business can keep up in this accelerating, fragmenting and ever-changing world.  Hinssen’s book will encourage you...

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