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Welcome to the Insight Management Academy

The Insight Management Academy is the centre of excellence for insight generation, insight management and insight communication. Our mission is to inspire organisations to gain competitive advantage through insight, and to guide Insight teams to better identify value and drive change in their organisations.

Over the last 12 years the IMA has worked with over 60 leading companies in the UK and around the world to define and develop best practice guidelines, and these form the basis of our publications, benchmarking, training and consultancy services (please click on the icons below to learn more). But the IMA's flagship proposition remains the Insight Management Forum, which provides the directors of progressive Insight teams with inspiration, thought leadership, support and critical challenge as they seek to transform their teams into world class Insight functions.

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IM Forum – March 2016

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IM Training

The IM Training programme enables Insight teams of all sizes to improve their performance.

It is based on the IMA's best practice principles and the practical expereince of the IMA's directors.

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IM Publications

Coming soon!

The IM Publications service will enable insight professionals to buy bound copies of key best practice reports published by the IMA over the last few years.

Join the IM Forum to network with the UK's most progressive Insight teams

What’s new from the IMA?

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Preparing an insight presentation? This book will inspire you to create one 'worth sharing'
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Is your organisation actually using the information it collects? Research published in HBR gives some clues on how to make it more likely
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Steve Wills, July 2016 The standard mission of any Insight team is that it should, “Identify value for the business, and drive change”. But do we identify all of the value we could? Or do...
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How to free your brain to think rather than organise.
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Does your Insight team have a short and sweet mission statement that you can work to?