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How do you make Insight make a difference? Successful Insight Management, the guidebook, summarises 15 years of best practice in one special report. This Spring you can receive a free copy as part of a 100 day trial corporate membership.
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Does your organisation really have Insight, or does it merely have a large and varied collection of individual insights from countless different insight projects? Why creating a curated overview is the most valuable Insight work you can do.
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Insight Knowledge is the accumulated understanding created by joining the dots across lots of individual Insight projects. This report takes a look at why it's so important, the key challenges Insight teams face, and how they can make its development a priority.
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Effective Insight teams do not just file documents; they review all the insights and interesting facts which have emerged, and find ways to crystallise them such that they are not lost but retained for future use.
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Would you like to contribute to, and benefit from, the Insight Management Academy's best practice - wherever you live and work? Members of the IMA's Insight Network can contribute ideas, benchmark their company's Insight capability, and access new reports and free advice.
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In decision making processes, Insight has real impact when it provides valuable context to help shape discussions and engage decision makers in an evidence-based approach. But that can only happen when Insight teams are in the right place, at the right time.
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Effective Insight teams succeed in identifying and occupying the optimal position in the minds and processes of the wider organisation. This report takes a look at what that means, the key challenges and how teams can improve their own position to maximum effect.
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Join the most progressive Insight leaders in the UK at the IMA's Insight Forum in London. The second event of the year will be on Wednesday 13th June, when we will debate best practice in Insight generation, specifically, successful approaches to solving business issues
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Insight will not be in a position to drive action in your organisation if you do not work on your Insight team's reputation. Just as a consumer’s experience of your organisation will determine your company's reputation and the position it subsequently occupies in the market, so it is with your...

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