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What’s new from the IMA?

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A great insight badly communicated sinks without trace, a good insight brilliantly communicated spreads like wildfire. A conference organised by Vox Pops International asked senior Insight leaders how video can help us to communicate insights more effectively.
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Thanks to everyone who attended one of the four IMA sessions at Quirk's London! What did we learn from the Insight leaders at Aviva, Marks & Spencer, Sport England and Spire Healthcare?
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Companies invest in Insight, Research and Analysis functions in order to improve their performance. This report has been written for any senior leader who would like derive more commercial value from customer and market data, but is not sure how to make that happen.
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If you work for a corporate Insight team and your employer is a member of the IMA, you can register for FREE for the Quirk's Event in London on 12th - 13th February. The IMA are proud sponsors of...
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At the start of a new year, set positive intentions for your Insight team.With busy schedules and daily to-do lists, it’s rare that we stop to reflect on our motivations. But when we take the time to set clear, positive intentions for what we’re doing, the benefits can be wide ranging.
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As we all set sail into 2019, the IMA would like to wish all our members a very Happy New Year, and offer you a variety of ways to make your Insight team more effective this year. New for 2019! In just a few weeks, we will be unveiling a new Digital membership.
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Would you like to contribute to, and benefit from, the Insight Management Academy's best practice - wherever you live and work? Sign up for a FREE corporate membership trial today and your company will receive a copy of the IMA's 48-page best practice guidebook, as well as access to benchmarking,...
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If you want Customer Insight to transform your organisation's performance, your organisation will first need to transform its Customer Insight. Many believe that developing a successful strategy for Insight is difficult, but this best practice report will give you step by step guidance.
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It’s time that we changed the way that Insight teams think about commerciality. The learning developed by an Insight team is just as integral to the whole concept of commerciality as the spreadsheets kept by Finance or the operational processes developed by product, sourcing and sales teams.

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