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The next set of online Insight forums will be on Wednesday 7th June, when Lisa and James will lead the discussions:

How can our colleagues follow up with confidence?  A key behaviour for any Insight manager, researcher or analyst at the end of a piece of work. How have our conclusions and recommendations been received? What decisions are likely to be made? What’s the scope for further Insight work or advice to fine-tune the changes?

How should Insight teams measure their success?  Does your team collect feedback? Do you have formal KPIs? Do you estimate the value of your team’s contribution? How will you know if it’s been a successful year - and is your boss likely to agree?


If you’re an Insight leader or senior manager, please register using the links below. Members are welcome to send two or three representatives to all our online forums, we just ask that anyone who takes part can contribute to the discussion with other Insight leaders.

As always, the online forums will be cameras-on, interactive sessions with no suppliers present.


Wed 7th June, 10am - 12pm (BST), UK online forum

Wed 7th June, 12pm - 2pm (Central time) US online forum


Looking ahead, you can also register for:

July topic: Strategic thinking about Insight

Wed 5th July, 10am - 4pm (BST), Manchester Insight forum

Wed 12th July, 10am - 4pm (BST), London Insight forum

Wed 19th July, 10am - 12pm (BST), UK online forum

Wed 19th July, 12pm - 2pm (Central time), US online forum


If you're not sure whether your organisation has a corporate membership with the IMA or whether it would be appropriate to take part, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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