An introduction to successful Insight management

The place to start

The very first Insight leader guide to be published, this is an introduction to the many ways in which the most progressive corporate Insight teams have made themselves effective.

Based on conversations with over 200 major organisations since the IMA's Insight Forum was launched in 2005, this guide sets out the great opportunity now available for corporate Insight teams - and the reasons why taking advantage of that opportunity is not always easy.

It then introduces the IMA's Insight Roadmap, and the 8 territories which we believe that all ambitious Insight leaders should explore.

This is recommended reading for anyone who works in a corporate Insight, Research or Analysis team and who wants to see Insight make a bigger difference in their organisation.

If your organisation has a corporate membership with the IMA, and you have an online account to access member content, then you can read the guide now by clicking on the link below. Please remember that you will need to log in before you can access member content.

If you're not sure whether your employer is a member, or if you would like to arrange to have online access, please contact us and we will be able to help you.

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