How to develop an Insight perspective

The need to develop an Insight perspective in our organisations

According to Hans Rosling in his excellent book, Factfulness, "People constantly and intuitively refer to their worldview when thinking, guessing or learning. If your worldview is wrong, you will systematically make the wrong guesses". 

It is an uplifting read, demonstrating how the world is usually not as dramatic as you might think, and making the case that there are lots of bad things out there, but far fewer than ever before. It should be on everyone’s reading list for this summer.

But the IMA believes it is also one of the most important books ever written about Insight, because Insight leaders across all sectors in the UK, Europe and North America regularly report that their main challenge is not that senior decision-makers do not know particular facts or figures; it's rather that senior executives tend to have constructed their whole corporate worldview without sufficient focus on the fundamental truths of how and why customers do business with the company.

To counter this, the IMA believes we need to develop an Insight perspective in our organisations, and this Insight leader guide looks in more detail at the nature of that challenge.

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