Insight Commercialisation Workshop

What it’s about & the benefits of participating

Insight has no value unless it is acted on.

The best way to drive action is to focus on those areas with greatest potential value, and then influence decision making by arguing in the language of the business – principally that of money.

This course will help you to be commercial. It will give you the skills, the confidence and the tools to assess the commercial value of proposed work so that you prioritise effectively, and then deliver results which demonstrate not just the value to the business, but also the value of your contribution.

What it covers

  • What being commercial really means and why it matters for Insight teams
  • The barriers to undertaking valuation and the key that unlocks it
  • Valuation processes and how to apply them to different types of work
  • When to estimate and when accuracy matters
  • How to present valuation to others in the organisation
  • Ways to embed it in your processes and making it “Business as usual”
  • Building a portfolio of evidence.

How you'll learn

All our workshops focus on developing skills, changing mind-sets and developing action plans and involve a combination of theory, interactive sessions and practical exercises using real examples.

The delivery style is based on the principles of Do-Review-Learn and Apply, so all sessions start with a practical task where attendees are expected to use the tools for themselves before reviewing the benefits and refining their application.

What you’ll take away / be able to do afterwards

By the end of the workshop, your Insight team members will:

  • Understand the importance of this key skill
  • Have the confidence to make quick estimates of value
  • Become better at identifying opportunities and threats
  • Have the tools to prioritise their work, and where necessary say “No” to requests
  • Increase their credibility within the organisation
  • Deliver more persuasive recommendations
  • Be able to demonstrate the true value of their work
  • Be better able to argue for / defend budgets and headcount.



The total investment for this one day course, to be run at your London office, is £2,995 plus VAT, based on a maximum of 15 attendees. Any required overnight expenses will be charged at cost.