Insight Communication Workshop

What it’s about & the benefits of participating

Your success as an Insight team depends on your ability to “land” your insights and inspire your stakeholders to act on them. Otherwise all your hard work leads to nothing.

This course will encourage your team members to work as hard on communicating their findings as they do on finding them. It’s largely about mindset, planning, and preparation. We share tried and tested tools to help you engage better with your stakeholders and deliver the clear communications that they need, to help drive and support their decisions.

What it covers

  • Why the communication element is so important for Insight teams and their organisations
  • How to engage with your key stakeholders as a pre-requisite to effective communication
  • How to flex your communication style to increase your impact with different people
  • How to structure succinct messages using SCQA, the consultants’ tool
  • Understanding how stakeholders make decisions, and how you can use Behavioural Economics techniques to encourage them make full use of the insight you share
  • Beyond PowerPoint – how to plan and use of different media to reach and impact different audiences.

How you’ll learn

All our workshops focus on developing skills, changing mind-sets and developing action plans and involve a combination of theory, interactive sessions and practical exercises using real examples.

The delivery style is based on the principles of Do-Review-Learn and Apply, so all sessions start with a practical task where attendees are expected to use the tools for themselves before reviewing the benefits and refining their application.

What you’ll take away / be able to do afterwards

By the end of the workshop, your Insight team members will:

  • Have a good appreciation of why the communications part of the role is as important as generating the insights
  • Recognise their own natural personal styles and be able to ascertain whether others have similar or different styles and preferences
  • Understand the need to flex their behaviours and communications, and how to do this to increase their influence with key colleagues and stakeholders
  • Have started to plan how to build closer working relationships with key stakeholders
  • Have greater insight into how stakeholders make decisions and how to influence those decisions
  • Have practised using the SCQA tool for more succinct, top-down communications
  • Have an appreciation of the value of using different media to reach and share insights with colleagues across the organisation.  



The total investment for this one day course, to be run at your London office, is £2,995 plus VAT, based on a maximum of 15 attendees. Any required overnight expenses will be charged at cost.