Insight Generation Workshop

What it’s about & the benefits of participating

Deriving insights is sometimes seen as the holy grail. Is it about analytical skills or creativity? This course clarifies what insights are and why we need them, and provides frameworks, tools and approaches to help you derive them.

It’s about nailing the business issue, reflecting what is already known and broadening your thinking by looking through different lenses to throw light on the issue. We then provide a hypothesis-led approach, with consultancy tools to enable you to generate insights, options and recommendations. 

What it covers

  • Clarity around “insights” and why we need them
  • The application of insights in adding value for both your customer and your organisation
  • Commitment to look for actionable insights, not just information
  • Questioning to unearth and articulate the real business issue, rather than focusing on research objectives
  • A series of visual aids for structured thinking
  • How to adopt a hypothesis-led approach to insight
  • A range of analytical and creative approaches for deriving insights
  • How to move beyond the what? to the so what? now what?

How you’ll learn

All our workshops focus on developing skills, changing mind-sets and developing action plans and involve a combination of theory, interactive sessions and practical exercises using real examples.

The delivery style is based on the principles of Do-Review-Learn and Apply, so all sessions start with a practical task where attendees are expected to use the tools for themselves before revewing the benefits and refining their application. 

What you’ll take away / be able to do afterwards

By the end of the workshop, your Insight team members will:

  • Have a good understanding of the role of insights and how to look for them
  • Be committed to look for actionable insights, not just information
  • Have a series of questions to identify the key business issue behind the initial question raised
  • Understand the advantages and potential pitfalls of working with hypotheses
  • Be able to reference a range of analytical and creative approaches to derive insights
  • Have plans for raising the levels of insight generation back in the workplace.



The total investment for this one day course run at UK office, is £2,995 plus VAT, based on a maximum of 15 attendees. Any required overnight expenses will be charged at cost.