Insight team support

As well as its menu of open workshops, the IMA can also provide online workshops that work best for individual Insight teams.

Each workshop provides an opportunity for groups of up to 15 colleagues to learn from the IMA's best practice and discuss its application to their organisation.

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Support for Insight teams

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TIP001 Available on request. Drawing on the principles described in James Wycherley's book, Transforming Insight, this 2-hour online workshop provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges facing your Insight team and helps you to identify your capability development priorities
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TIP701 A 3-hour workshop, available on request. Many Insight leaders think that their team does great research and analysis but they still find it a struggle to be heard. Successful Insight teams optimise their impact by improving the position of Insight in hearts, minds and processes
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TIP201 Available from Term 2, 2022. Most Insight teams hunt for new data, information, facts and figures. But successful Insight teams aspire to be knowledge farmers, joining the dots across multiple projects and identifying big picture insight that can influence major corporate decisions
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TIP402 Available from Term 3, 2022. A communication plan is the first step for all Insight teams who recognise that the way we communicate insights is just as important as the way we generate them. We cannot transform our effectiveness without transforming our communication