Best practice reports

Since 2004 the IMA has conducted over 50 pieces of detailed research into various aspects of Insight management best practice.

The results of its most recent pieces of research have been publised online as 10-page Insight leader guides. Please follow the links below if you are interested in:

How to influence decision-makers

How to develop successful Insight people

How to develop Insight for commercial success

How to develop a successful Insight strategy


Prior to September 2018 the results of our research can be found in detailed best practice reports, the most popular of which are shown below. 

If your employer is a member of the IMA and you have an online account with us. you can access copies of our Insight leader guides and best practice reports if you have logged in. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If your organisation is not yet a member, please contact us if you are interested because we are offering a limited number of free corporate membership trials this month.


Best Practice Reports

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To generate new insights, you need to make sense of information and understand the context to which it is relevant. This report focuses on what Insight generation is, why it's important, the challenges and what teams need to do to generate new insights well
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How do you make Insight make a difference? Successful Insight Management, the guidebook, summarises 15 years of best practice in one special report. This Spring you can receive a free copy as part of a 100 day trial corporate membership.
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Our latest best practice report takes an in-depth look at what Insight teams need to do in order to thrive in the era of Big Data. This report will give you a sense of where Big Data is headed, how to extract value from it, and how your Insight team needs to adapt to the key challenges and...
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Effective Insight teams succeed in identifying and occupying the optimal position in the minds and processes of the wider organisation. This report takes a look at what that means, the key challenges and how teams can improve their own position to maximum effect.
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This Insight and Behavioural Economics report explains the power of Behavioural Economics, how to apply it to influence behaviour and what action Insight teams need to take to embed its use.