Insight Influence

There is no point doing research or analysis unless it drives change. That will only happen if our Insight teams become better at influencing decision-makers, so the IMA will be publishing a range of Insight leader guides on this key topic.

The first in the series, An introduction to influencing decision-makers, is now available.

During the next few weeks we will publish 5 more guides on:

  • Understanding decision-makers
  • Developing stakeholder relationships
  • Influence skills for introverts
  • Behavioural economics for Insight teams
  • How to nudge decision-makers

To explore the other 7 territories of the IMA's Insight roadmap, visit the Insight leader guide - main page.

For more information, please contact us.

Insight Influence Guides

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IMP001: The very first Insight leader guide to be published, this is an introduction to the many ways in which the most progressive corporate Insight teams have made themselves effective.
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IMP301: To change your companies’ behaviour, and for the Insight your team produces to really make a difference, you need to transform your Insight team's ability to influence. This guide outlines the 5 key aspects to consider.
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IMP302: We cannot influence if we don't understand, and yet many Insight teams have relatively little insight on the audience for their own insight. In this 10-page guide we explore what it feels like to be a senior decision-maker in today's corporate environment