Best practice reports

Since 2003 the IMA has published best practice reports on many topics relating to Insight generation, Insight management and Insight communication.

If your registered employer is a member of the IMA's Insight Forum you can access online copies of our best practice reports below if you have logged in.

If your employer is a member of the IMA's Insight Network then we we will send you a bound copy of each new report when we publish one every quarter. Network members are also entitled to big discounts if they would like to buy copies of reports which were published before they became members.

If your organisation is not yet a member of the Insight Forum or Insight Network, then you can buy copies of our most recent reports direct from (click here - and search Insight Management Academy) or contact us to see if you think it might make more sense for your organisation to become a corporate member. A limited number of free corporate membership trials are available each month.


Best Practice Reports

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Does your Insight team lack strategic clout? Does it struggle to get heard on important issues, feel under-valued and have little control over workload? This report will help you to anchor your Insight team in the strategic realities of your organisation - and in turn to shape them.
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Insight teams have constantly evolved over the last decade, but what challenges will they face over the next 5-10 years? This report examines the key drivers of change, ways of responding, and the opportunities that lie ahead for progressive Insight teams and their suppliers.
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The purpose of an Insight team is to identify value for the organisation and to drive change - longer term value as well as short term. So Insight teams need to ensure that the organisation has foresight about the implications of possible future scenarios arising from external trends.
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The huge potential value of insight, and the need to manage it as a strategic asset, has led to the realisation that insight management is a profession in its own right. This report discusses the case for both insight and insight management.