Insight Transformation Workshop

What it’s about & the benefits of participating

Many Insight teams feel that they are stuck in a hamster wheel, over worked and under valued. This course will inspire you to break that cycle, take control of your agenda and focus on more strategic work. Based on our experience of working with over 50 leading Insight teams and developing best practice for 12 years, we will share models and approaches to help you and increase your impact and become valued business partners.

What it covers

  • A team engagement session based on a vision of insight in a strategic consultancy role, rather than a service function
  • Developing and publicising your mission
  • How to prioritise your work and take more control of your agenda
  • Consultancy ways of working to raise the quality of your outputs by working smarter as a team, rather than harder
  • How to nail the business issue and address that, rather than research or analysis objectives
  • How to build and share knowledge across your team and beyond, to create a sound base for decision making
  • Focusing on communications to increase your impact and influence.

How you’ll learn

All our workshops focus on developing skills, changing mind-sets and developing action plans and involve a combination of theory, interactive sessions and practical exercises using real examples.

The delivery style is based on the principles of Do-Review-Learn and Apply, so all sessions start with a practical task where attendees are expected to use the tools for themselves before reviewing the benefits and refining their application.

What you’ll take away / be able to do afterwards

By the end of the workshop, your insight team members will:

  • Be inspired and have started planning to move from a reactive to a proactive role
  • Have a first draft of your team mission, along with plans to increase your impact
  • Have plans to prioritise work and focus on the higher value, more strategic projects
  • Have plans for improved knowledge sharing across the team and the organisation
  • Be able to adopt consultancy ways of working to raise the quality and impact of your work.

You may then choose to follow on and raise your game further via our further core courses on Insight Generation, Insight Communication and Insight Commercialisation.



The total investment for this one day course, to be run at your office (in a UK location) is £2,995 plus VAT, based on a maximum of 15 attendees. Any required overnight expenses will be charged at cost.