How to nail the business issue

If you work in a corporate Insight team you cannot generate new insights unless you act like a consultant and nail the underlying business issue.

Too many analysts and researchers skip this step and adopt a service mentality when it comes to responding to stakeholder requests.

We all know this doesn't work, and cannot help an Insight team to identify value for its business and drive change. But getting out of the habit is hard, especially when stakeholders are demanding and Insight managers naturally want to please them.

The IMA's one day workshop How to nail the business issue focuses on 3 key aspects:

1. The questions we should ask ourselves before beginning a new Insight project

2. The questions we should ask our stakeholders

3. The best way to frame projects like a consultant, using the IMA's SCQAB tool

Participants will also be asked to make a commitment to change their behaviour, and explore likely barriers to delivering on those commitments.

This one day workshop, delivered by consultants with hands-on experience working in senior roles in corporate Insight teams, can be free to Forum members of the IMA. But it can also be delivered to groups of up to 16 people in any organisation which wants to see its Insight team generate better insights.

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