Insight generation

Most people would say that the primary role of an Insight team is to generate insights, so it’s important to define what ‘insights’ are if we’re going to get better at generating them.

Not only that, but to explore the processes we should ideally have in place in order to generate insight that is valuable to the organisation. Over the course of the next few months, the IMA will be publishing a range of Insight leader guides on this key topic.

The first title in the series is now available - see below. We will alert our members whenever we publish new guides.

To explore the other 7 territories of the IMA's Insight roadmap, visit the Insight leader guide - main page.

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Insight Generation

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IMP103: If our organisations are to perform well, they need joined-up insights. This guide introduces the IMA's 'MADE in Insight' model which Insight teams can use as a framework for creating more contextualised observations.
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IMP102: In this guide, we take you through the IMA's three-step RED process designed to ensure that Insight teams nail the underlying business issue with much greater consistency - Reflect, Engage, Diagnose.