Insight generation, part 1: the Insight consultant

Next dates: Wednesday 20th January (US version) & Tuesday 23rd February with Jane Woolley

If you work in a corporate Insight team you cannot generate new insights unless you act like a consultant and nail the underlying business issue. Too many analysts and researchers skip this step and try to respond to research and analysis requests.

We all know this doesn't work, and it cannot help an Insight team to identify value for its business and drive change. But getting out of the habit is hard, especially when stakeholders are demanding and as Insight proessionals we naturally want to please them.

In this 4-hour workshop we will explore:

  • The questions we should ask ourselves before beginning a new Insight project
  • The questions we should ask our stakeholders
  • The best way to frame projects like a consultant, using the IMA's SCQAB tool


On completion of this online workshop, the IMA recommends completing our follow-up workshop "Insight generation: part 2 (the detective)".

Like all the IMA's workshops, this interactive session will be led by a consultant with over 15 years' experience in senior corporate Insight roles.

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