Behavioural economics for Insight teams

Behavioural economics recognises that human beings do not behave rationally but predictably irrationally. They are driven by a range of behavioural biases, and these biases can be leveraged to influence people's decisions.

Behavioural economics provides Insight teams with a toolkit which can help them to better understand consumer choices and better influence their own stakeholders. It represents one of the biggest single developments in the world of Insight in recent years, arguably even greater than the advent of big data.

This 1-day workshop enables participants to explore:

  • The principles of behavioural economics
  • The way these principles affect both consumer and corporate decisions
  • Practical first-level tools for nudging those we seek to influence


This workshop is delivered by consultants with hands-on experience of working in senior roles in corporate Insight teams. It can be taken as either:

  • part of a corporate membership
  • an additional service if your corporate membership does not include training
  • stand-alone training if your organisation is not yet a member


This workshop is also available in 2020 as an open course so that organisations can book as many individual places as they like, subject to availability. Please see our 2020 open course schedule for more information.

If your organisation could benefit, please contact us for further details.

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