How to improve stakeholder relationships

There is no point doing any market research or customer analysis unless it drives change. But that will only happen if an Insight team develops great influencing skills, and the place to start is to make sure you really understand the decision-makers in your company.

But understanding isn't enough. We all know that people buy people, and we are most likely to listen to those we consider our trusted advisers. The Trusted Advisor book by Maister, Green and Galford tells us that we can't wave a manage wand to achieve that status, but we can work on our trustworthiness.

The IMA's one day workshop How to improve stakeholder relationships focuses on 4 key aspects:

1. How can Insight teams improve others' perception of their credibility?

2. What steps can we take to appear more reliable?

3. The importance of developing the appropriate degree of intimacy

4. The perils of self-orientation for Insight specialists

Participants will also be asked to make a commitment to change their behaviour, and explore likely barriers to delivering on those commitments.

This one day workshop, delivered by consultants with hands-on experience working in senior roles in corporate Insight teams, can be free to Forum members of the IMA. But it can also be delivered to groups of up to 16 people in any organisation which wants to see its Insight team influence bigger decisions.

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