Insight positioning

An Insight team looks outwards to an organisation's customers and market, and shines a light on issues of importance. In stormy weather, it is there to pinpoint rocks upon which the organisation may become ship-wrecked, and competitor companies with which the organisation might collide.

However, being a lighthouse helps nobody if it is not in a postion to be seen.

For our Insight teams to be effective, they need to succeed in identifying and occupying an optimal position in the hearts, minds and processes of the wider organisation. Not only does this make the our teams' job a lot easier and have decision-makers seeking input rather than batting it away, it will make them much less vulnerable to reorganisations and cutbacks.

Over the course of the next few months, the IMA will be publishing a range of Insight leader guides on this key topic.

The first title in the series is now available - see below. We will alert our members whenever we publish new guides.

To explore the other 7 territories of the IMA's Insight roadmap, visit the Insight leader guide - main page.

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Insight Positioning Guides

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IMP701: Most Insight teams have to work hard to secure a strong position in the hearts, minds and processes of the wider organisation. This guide introduces the key areas upon which Insight teams can exert influence to ensure they occupy the best spot.
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IMP702: Our Insight brand is our promise to our internal customers. It tells them what they can expect from our products and services, and it differentiates our offering from that of other functions. This guide provides advice on how to create an effective perception of Insight.
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IMP703: Building awareness requires a promotional and opportunistic mindset, and Insight leaders need to look for every opportunity to highlight their team and its work. This guide helps Insight teams to be more proactive, and provides tips on how to grab people’s attention.
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IMP704: Reputation is the reality of the experience you deliver to your internal customers; whether you actually 'walk the talk' and do what you say on the tin. This guide discusses the importance of creating a positive reputation for your Insight team.
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IMP705: In order to impact key business decisions, it is important to ensure Insight is available in the 'right place at the right time' in our organisations. This guide discusses the importance of identifying key processes and aligning our Insight accordingly.